HOLIDAYS FOR DOGS -      Established 2000
Puppy Care.....
We have been providing puppy care services for many years and therefore have valuable experience in helping clients in their puppies development.
Early days....(Pre vaccination)
We visit your home to let out your puppy, to toilet and play. We clean up any 'accidents' and feed as required.
Puppy Steps...(Post vacs)
We can call and take puppy our for short walks, to toilet and explore. Feeding and cleaning up if required.
Puppy Pals...
First steps to socialising , introducing them to older, passive, dogs through regular short walks, in natural surroundings, helping them to learn and gain confidence with other dogs. ( Owners in attendence on first session ).
Introduction to sheep....
We have our own four pet sheep, who are dog friendly. Puppies are invited into paddock with our own dogs . Here they can safely' sniff and investigate'. Our sheep are passive and therefore pose no threat . They do not run away and therefore the puppies soon become disinterested.We then play ball around them .
All the dogs that come to us, even the sheep chasers ,make great friends with our sheep, much to the amusement and amazement of owners and visitors.
Please note:  even though our own dogs are sheep friendly, we ALWAYS put dogs on leads through livestock.
See our page SHEEP DOGS for more pics....
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