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Sept 2012 - "Having moved from the only home he had ever known ,MASON suddenly found himself in arguments with other dogs in our new area. This was completely out of character as he had grown up on a farm and always played with the farm dogs. We contacted a dog behaviourist who concluded that our dog was aggressive , that we could no longer look at hm, stroke him and could no longer be our best friend! This absoloultely devasted us and would not be an option. We knew he wasn't aggressive, as he had been labelled!. The only helpful advise was that he needed socialising!.
 Having trawled through the internet and papers for someone who could help us, we came across Kennel Maids , we looked on their website and read about socialisation. I phoned Wendy and after a few minutes into the story she gave us her opinion. Her first piece of advice was to have him castrated.She explained the pros and cons and it made sense to us to have it done. As we relayed our story to Wendy , she was reassuring and gave wonderful advise. She clearly demonstrated her vast knowledge and understanding of animal behaviour.
We agreed to meet with her and her own labrador Sandy. She explained he is a "passive" dog who would help Mason and put him at ease. We arrived at Bark House and carefully introduced Sandy and Mason. We and Mason were a little nervous at first but in minutes, Sandy and Mason ran ahead and were instant friends!  Wendy reassured me that my dog was NOT agressive! He was perfectly fine and his behaviour was due to a combination of our house move and hormones!
We had Mason castrated and then he returned to Bark House for further socialisation. He made lots of new friend and NEVER displayed a single sign of aggression. He was the adorable, loving dog we have always known.
We continued meeting up for walks with different dogs and he loved it! This also regained our confidence so we could once again enjoy our wonderful dog.
We promptly booked him in for his holidays knowing he would be in safe hands and have a fantastic time.
I do not know what we would have done if i wasn't for Wendy and her wealth of knowledge and expertise! We truly can' thank her enough for her advice, reassurance and support she has given us !"
Laura and Matt Wilkinson, Lindale
Wendy says.....
When Laura first contacted me she was extremely upset. She felt she had 'lost' her dog and felt that she was to blame.
I explained that the most likely cause for MASON'S change in behaviour was his change in circumstances. He was in a new enviroment. He had to be put on a lead to leave the house as they were near a road, where as before he was able to run free at the farm he grew up on.  He was displaying fear defence behaviour (growling) which can often be mistaken for aggression. The more he did this, the more his owners became anxious which then 'fed' his fear and they became stuck in a vicious circle. Also, as he was 'entire' , hormones can promote and control dominant behaviour which if not dealt with can lead to aggression.
Mason was castrated at our wonderful veterinary practice in Grange over Sands (Archway vets 015395 32669).
He then returned to us for more sessions and made lots of new friends.
He stayed for his holidays in February 2013 and had a fantastic time. His behaviour is impeccable, he is now a happy confident dog who is a pleasure to have around.
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