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Socialisation is the foundation of our business. It is essential that all dogs who walk or board with us are well socialised and that the owner is confident that their dog is safe and happy in a multiple dog enviroment. We provide socialisation sessions for any dog on request, to enhance confidence for both dog and owner, regardless of their using of our other sevices.Each session is tailored to the individual dog , in natural surroundings with other passive dogs to alleviate fear and give confidence. This technique is also used when passing through livestock.Please contact us for more information.
         THORN.... another success story.
            owned by Tim and Gwen Hayward, Arnside
Hi, my name is Thorn. In early 2011  I was picked up as a stray and taken to the pound in Stafford. I became very stressed so I was taken in by Geman Shepherd Rescue until new owners were found for me. Tim and Gwen were from Cumbria, they fell in love with me and took me home.
They soon realised I had a number of issues that needed resolving. My biggest issue was that I had never been socialised, so my behaviour towards other dogs appeared to be agressive, and was causing my new mum and dad a lot of anxiety. So much so that they were even considering giving me up. I WAS A NIGHTMARE. They consulted a couple of dog behaviourists but nothing was working and they were at their wits end. My days in Cumbria seemed to be numbered.
By chance, my dad was speaking to a friend about me who knew a lady in Witherslack who she said she thought would be able to help. My dad rang Wendy Senior and explained my situation.
She invited us to Cartmel park to meet with her and a group of well behaved dogs.
When I saw the dogs I did my usual rearing up on hind legs and lurching towards the other dogs. I barked quite aggressively , trying to reach them. Strangely, they didnt seem bothered, usually other dogs and people got out of the way when I did this. Wendy and the dogs just stood still for a while , then Wendy and a chocolate labrador called GEORGIE came straight up to me . Wendy told me I was a handsome lad and GEORGIE just wagged her tail , totally unphased by my barking and bouncing.
We set off walking with Wendy and Carol and the other dogs, everyone was ignoring my behaviour, Georgie just kept giving me reassuring licks and we walked around the woods. After about 15 minutes I was calm and enjoying being with my new pals. After around half an hour, we went into an enclosed paddock on the racecourse where all the dogs run and play ball. My dad was a bit unsure about letting me off but Wendy convinced him to leave my long lead on and let me go. IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!  I ran and chased and played. Me and my new friends. I was SO HAPPY.
Wendy explained to my dad that my behaviour was not agression but just me desperate to have the company of my own kind, something I had not had before.
However, when other dogs walked along the other side of the fence, i ran at the fence and patrolled. Wendy thinks I was confined somewhere in my past and only saw other dogs but was not allowed any contact.
I continued these sessions for many months and my dad is SO PROUD.
He takes me everywhere with him. I walk off lead and do not bother other dogs, I just keep making new friends...... I visit my friends in Cartmel regularly and my favourite game is chasing in the river...Im a very lucky boy x
Working with Thorn and his owners has been so rewarding. This was a classic tale of a misunderstood dog who just needed to join the pack as is natural with dogs.
The first time I met him, I saw a softness in his eyes which said it all.
It was clear Tim loved this dog,he had so many different conflicting opinions he was totally lost. A couple of people had advised him to turn away from dogs approaching , and walk in the opposite directon. As he pointed out, what if there were dogs approaching from several directions? I was baffled by this reasoning and explained that Thorn needed to be confident with other dogs, face his fear.
With the help of my charges, he did this and is now a confident, happy, loving dog with many happy years ahead with Tim and Gwen.
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