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Testimonials 2011
"I have employed Wendy Senior (Kennel Maids), for the past ,THREE YEARS, to care for my dog JW.She is very reliable, completely trustworthy and always has the safety and welfare of the dogs in her care in the forefront of her mind.He always returns home looking well and happy. I have no hesitation in recommending her very highly. No animal could be in better hands........
                                                   Mrs A Kitching, Meathop
I have nothing but praise and admiration for Wendy Senior who runs Kennel Maids
She has a natural gift with animals which I have never experienced before. When she first met my Schnauzer puppy,OSCAR, he was only 6 months old and was anxious on his first day. However, he came home with a glowing report and had bonded with Wendy and the dogs. This was confirmed by his reaction of squeals of delight when he next saw her. Wendy cares deeply for the animals and they all love her. She is reliable, honest and deeply dedicated to her way of life. I have no hesitation in sending  my precious pup to spend time with all at Kennel Maids.
...........                                            Miss Jan Appleton , Grange over sands 
"I am delighted to recommend Wendy Senior and her business Kennel Maids.
Our weimeraner, SKYE, has attended doggy day care ,for almost THREE YEARS. 4 days a week, and it works brilliantly,
We can go to work happy in the knowledge that our pampered pouch will be collected, looked after and be returned home safe, happy and  and well exercised at the  end of the day.
Kennel Maids allows us to own a dog, and to keep her fit and healthy despite us having to work long days.
Wendy is reliable, trustworthy and it is obvious that she loves her charges.
...........................                                     Dr SA Whitehead, Cartmel
"We found Wendy by word of mouth when our chocolate labrador,GEORGIE, was 6 months old. At time she needed more exercise than we could give her and were considering re homing her.
For the last FIVE YEARS, Wendy has collected GEORGIE, every day for fun and frolics with a group of dogs and returns happy and worn out!  She has become more obedient and loves socialising with other dogs as a result. Wendy is extremely caring and reliable, Georgie loves Wendy and we are hugely grateful to her as without her we would not be able to keep her.
..............                                     Margaret and Toni Lynch, Boarbank, Allithwaite
" Dear Wendy
Thankyou so much for taking such good care of  BILLY. He has come on leaps and bounds socially since we got him as a rescue dog., he obviously loves being with you and the pack!
Its great not to worry how he is when we are at work or on holiday.
I would highly recommend you to any one . I am sorry we are moving away, BILLY, will definitely still be coming to you for his holidays.
If anyone wishes to contact us about your services we will be happy to speak with them.
......................................             .Martin and Naomi Turner, Grange over sands
Wendy has looked after my dog HARVEY, for the past TWO YEARS , since he was a puppy.I have always been impressed with the quality of care that she has provided.
 Being a Hungarian Vizsla, he is full of energy but Wendy always ensures he returns home tired and happy.
I believe Wendy has played a major role in Harveys development, as he has learned good behaviour from being with a group of dogs on a regular basis.
I have always appreciated Wendys advice which has ranged from diet to health care.
I know Wendy genuinely cares for and takes a personal interest in all her canine clients, and Harvey loves staying with her.
Its great to know that when I am away, my pride and joy is in safe hands.
..............................................                                         Nick Taylor, Cartmel
Our lively chocolate labrador, COCO, is now FIVE YEARS  old, and has been cared for by Wendy and Kate from Kennel Maids from a puppy. We  visit our grandchildren in the USA, often for long periods of time, and are confident that Coco is well cared for in our absence, and always looks fit and well on our return.
We have no hesitation in recommending Kennel Maids to anyone who wants their dog to be well cared for and excercised while they are away.
..............................................                 Mr & Mrs Rhodes, Stavely in Cartmel
Our terrier SOPHIE hated being left when we went away, in fact many times we did not go because of the drama of leaving her behind. Then we were introduced to Wendy Senior by a friend. She is an absolute godsend! Wendy is so likeable by people and dogs alike. Sophie loves staying there. What I like most about Kennel Maids is the atmosphere and quality of care, the dogs can run round freely and interact. The result is that its interesting and they are never bored. When we return from holiday, Sophie always looks happy and healthy She has stayed many times now over the past TWO YEARS and she has got lots of friends. I cannot recommend Kennel Maids highly enough- we would be literally lost without them!
  ......................................     Petra  Soone, Ravenstown, Flookburgh
I have used Kennel Maids for a number of years and Wendy has personally looked after my dog TAI while I have been away on holiday.She has attended our home and looked after TAI impeccably.He rather looks forward to seeing her, just a pity we can't have more holidays. So to anyone thinking of using Kennels Maids service, I can fully recommend them.
.................Roy Laidler, Allithwaite
We have known Wendy Senior for over FIVE YEARS in her capacity as a dog walker for our dogs DOLLY AND WALTER. Wendy has always been professional, competent and caring without exception throughout this time.
We had up until jan 2011, two older rescue dogs with very different temprements and exercise needs, which were fully met by Wendy, allowing my husband and I to work knowing our dogs were safe, comfortable and well cared for throughout our working day.
As the dogs approached their lifes end, Wendy was invaluable in advising us of any deterioration, taking them to the vet as and when required as we were not able to return immediately due to the nature of our professional work.
Wendy was very supportive when the time came for our dogs to go to sleep, clearly the relationship she had with our dogs is a loving one.
Since their loss, we have taken on two more very different rescue dogs , WALTER the whippet and DOLLY the collie x.Wendy has helped them socialise with other dogs and they are once again subject to her expert care and love.
I cannot recommend Wendys care of our precious pets highly enough. I would only add that she is extremely security concious of our home and pets when we are away.
I have noticed that while joining Wendy on walks introducing new dogs,that animals respond to her in a truly exceptional way, her clear love of animals seems to be understood by the animals and they resopond accordingly. A walk with Wendy and a large group of dogs is one experience I will never forget as a true lesson in how to manage dogs behaviour without so much as a shout being necessary.
As you will conclude, I cannot speak highly enough of Wendy and the services she provides and we feel very fortunate that she is involved in our dogs care.
 ................................ Aileen Ward , Grange over Sands                                  
My beautiful German Pointer Jeep, needed to stay in a home enviroment whilst I was away on holiday. I would often meet Kennel Maids and groups of happy dogs out on walks in the woods at Cartmel. I explained my needs for Jeep and Wendy introduced me to her colleague Kate and her chocolate labrador Poppy. Sucess !!
Jeep has stayed with Kate and Poppy in Cartmel, for the last FOUR YEARS and will continue to have his holidays there for the forseeable future.
Thankyou Kennel Maids !!
..........................with love from Richard Fell and Jeep, Allithwaite
Wendy offers a phenomenol service!  We have relied on Wendy's fantastic service since the arrival of our puppy Molly eight months ago.
With Wendy's help and flexibility, we are able to own a wonderful dog yet still fulfil our work committments, with the reassuring knowledge that Molly is well cared for and having a fabulous time with Wendy and her doggy friends.
Wendy's experience , her obvious love of her job and the animals in her care, is apparent from the moment you meet her.
The only down side is.... i'm not convinced that Molly loves Wendy more than us !............A true testament of a very happy puppy.
We cant praise and thank Wendy enough.
We would be happy to speak to anyone wishing to use Kennel Maids.
.....................................Suzie and Neil Strang ,and Molly, Witherslack.
As my liver and white spaniel LUCY was getting older , I decided that I needed somewhere where she would not be left alone or run the risk of getting cold. I therefore turned to Kennel Maids .I was introduced to the wonderful Sylvia and Trevor in Cartmel, who would care for my two dogs (lLUCY AND OLIVE) in their own spotless, warm and inviting home. They are walked twice a day , have lovely cosy beds to sleep on but most importantly,the undivided attention of two wonderful, caring dog lovers.
Secondly, Wendy has looked after our 3 cats and nothing is too much trouble. One even needs to be taken to the litter tray twice a day!
I feel I can now go away without worrying about them, knowing that they are all in safe hands. I only wish I had done this sooner. The benefits definately out weigh the extra cost.
        ...........................................   Katherin Keith, Cartmel Fell
Over SIX YEARS ago, our dog Guiness stayed with Sylvia and Trevor in Cartmel. Since then, we have had complete peace of mind that Guiness and now Usha stay there.In fact the alacrity in which Usha leaps out of the car and establishes herself on Sylvias hearth rug is a bit galling!
Whether we are away on a fortnights holiday or a long day in the city, we never have to worry or feel guilty about our dog. Both Guiness and Usha have enjoyed the sociability of the occasional other dogs at Sylvias and enjoy the romps when they meet up with Wendy, at Cartmel Park. We could not be happier with the care Usha gets. As an RSPCA special, I would hate to put her back into a kennel. At Sylvias it is home from home, she even sleeps in the bedroom like she does at home. Fortunately, Usha is too polite to snore !
.........................................................Carole Taylor, Cartmel
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