HOLIDAYS FOR DOGS -      Established 2000
TESTIMONIALS 2012 / 2013
 SINCE 2009
When we went away on holiday, our cats Raffles and Kato, found boarding away from home very stressful and this usually ended with a visit to the vets!
We started using Kennel Maids cat sitting service THREE YEARS ago, and they have been far more settled and less stressed when we return and we have had the added comfort and security that they have been looked after in their own environment.
They have come to know and trust Wendy , who has always demonstrated a friendly yet professional approach.
We've never met anyone who loves their job so much!
We also use Wendy's dog walking service and Ted has holidays with them too! We can honestly say our dog Ted loves Wendy to bits!
Many thanks Wendy and keep up the good work!
..................................................Susan Merryweather , Cark in Cartmel
For the last SEVEN YEARS , ALFIE has stayed with Sylvia and Trevor in Cartmel,
when I have been away with work. They are absoloutly fantastic! Alfie loves to stay with them and always trots off into their house with his tail wagging when I drop him off. Sometimes I think he is reluctant to leave!
Trevor and Sylvia make sure Alfie gets good walks around Cartmel and have hugely helped him socialise with other dogs. They are great at looking after all of Alfies needs including brushing him every day, looking after his dietary requirements and giving him any medication he has needed from time to time.
On top of that, he loves all the fuss and attention he gets and playing with his toys and in any spare moments he is asleep in dog heaven in front of their fire.
Trevor and Sylvia have always been great at accommodating changes of times in dropping him off or picking up - sometimes at short notice. This is very much appreciated.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Trevor and Sylvia and I absoloutley trust their judgement in looking after Alfie while he is in their care.
............................................Jenny Pullen, Allithwaite
                                                    MASON - SINCE 2012
We had absolutely no reservation about leaving our dog MASON with Wendy when we went away on holiday. We had been attending socialisation sessions with her prior to our holiday (see Socialisation page). We met up regularly for walks and play with the other dogs so that both Mason and us (!) were happy to leave him. He happily went into her home without a second thought for us ! It was lovely that Wendy posted regular photos and updates on her Facebook page. We could see he was having a better time than we were! On our return we had to practically drag him away from Bark House, and all the friends he had made on his holiday!
We have always been impressed with Wendy's knowledge, expertise and genuine  care and devotion to all animals. She certainly knows what she is doing and does a fantastic job at it! We cannot recommend her highly enough!
........................................ Laura and Matt Wilkinson and Mason , Lindale
                                                                          MASIE - SINCE 2010
I can't recommend Wendy Senior and her colleagues Trevor and Sylvia enough! I
I was looking for someone to look after our working springer spaniel
MAISIE . She had never been left before with anyone other than our family, so needed someone who understood the 'springer personality' !
After speaking to Wendy, we met up at Cartmel Park for a walk so that Wendy could assess MAISIE and see how she behaved in the company of other dogs and her recall.
MAISIE is trained to the whistle, and even when out walking she likes to charge around practising her flushing technique, which can be a little disconcerting when she sets off at high speed, if you are only used to dogs that plod along! Also, she gets nervous around children, so it was reassuring to know that is it  a matter of policy with Wendy that she NEVER boards dogs in homes with children (all her team are mature , professionals) .
Wendy then introduced me to her colleagues Trevor and Sylvia in Cartmel who have worked with her for the last 9 years. As they had been springer owners in the past and had many on their books, they were the ideal solution. I walked with them and visited their home. A few weeks later MAISIE had a trial overnight stay, which again is an essential requirement .
MAISIE has stayed many times and all I can say is MAISIE loves being with Sylvia and Trevor, she jumps out of the car and runs into the house before I can turn around! She see them as an extension of her family. All her needs are catered for and what I was looking for most of all was someone to love her and understand her foubules!
....................................Dr Jean Adams, Field Broughton and MAISIE
GEM - SINCE 2010
HOLIDAYS FOR DOGS  is exactly what  it says. I have boarded my beloved dog GEM  with Sylvia and Trevor  in Cartmel  SINCE 2010 .  She is always content and has a fantastic time with them.
Earlier this year, I had my daughters 2 Belgian Shepherds to stay with me.
Wendy walked them twice a day , I accompanied  Wendy for two weeks so that our three dogs could be walked together, within a group.
Seeing different groups of dogs , of all breeds and sizes having so much
enjoyment, walking and playing together, surprised me how quickly new dogs to the group gain in confidence!
Of course the other dogs do the teaching but it needs Wendy's knowledge and understanding  to oversee this.
Thank you from the dogs and myself for a real "HOLIDAYS FOR DOGS"!
...........................................Mari Lilley, Grange Over Sands and GEM
                                             POPPY - SINCE 2009                                           
We have used Kennel Maids excellent pet care services SINCE 2009,when our little dog POPPY began regular walks. Since then she continues to enjoy regular and varied walks at a number of locations with Wendy and her team,
Being a typically wilful and stubborn JRT. she has definitely benefitted from Wendy's expertise as an animal behaviourist. Fortunately, chasing sheep is now a thing of the past ! Poppy particularly enjoys boarding at Wendy's cosy cottage in Witherslack , where she benefits from all her usual home comforts along with a daily exercise routine and interaction with other dogs,
As discerning pet owners, this allows us to go away reassured  in the knowledge that our dog is being cared for in a safe and homely environment with someone we trust.
During this time Wendy visits our home to feed and take care of our three cats, taking in our post and  making sure everything is secure.
We would definitely recommend Kennel Maids to all pet owners as we will continue to use them for as long as we have pets.
...........................................Susan Hoyle, Grange over Sands and POPPY
                                      SINCE 2007
A big thank you to Wendy and her team for the care and time taken with our dog LEO.
 We have used Kennel Maids services SINCE 2007 ( with our departed dog Tim ), finding them to be reliable and flexible with our requests.
LEO was a timid and unsociable dog , who found it hard to interact with other dogs. We are happy to report that he is now a happy, confident dog who cannot wait to go on his walks with Wendy and his friends.
.............................................. Gwen and Malcom Benson, Flookburgh
                                                                 POLLY - SINCE 2013
Just to say a big "Thank you !"  for arranging POLLY to stay wit Sylvia and Trevor in Cartmel. We had no problem with leaving her with them after hearing such good reports about you and them from other dog owners.
We did wonder if POLLY would miss us - but no -by all accounts she had a fantastic holiday and we have the photos to prove it thanks to Trevor.
Hope to see you in the park soon - after POLLY'S operation.
        ....................Best Wishes, Trudi and Richard Repton, Cartmel and POLLY
Wendy has cared for Rufus since 2010 since he was a puppy.
Rufus loves going to stay at Wendy's, and we can go away knowing he is being well cared for in a safe and happy environment.
.........Jane and Derek Mathias, Lindale and  RUFUS
                                                                            HATTIE - SINCE 2012 
We proudly picked up our puppy HATTIE  in December 2012. Wow what a little bundle of joy, full of mischief and energy. I would love to stay at home with her all day every day, but like everyone else, I have to go out and make a living too.
Finding a reputable  dog walker / sitter was crucial as we want our dog to be safe and happy when we are at work. I enquired at the pet shop in Grange and the local vets. and was given Wendy Seniors details.
 Wendy is fab! She came to our house to visit us and see our pup, to discuss our needs. Nothing was too much trouble and  Wendy was extremely informative about what is available. She also gave us top tips on puppy care , which were extremely useful indeed.
 10 months on  and I would say HATTIE is a wonderful dog, well socialised with other dogs, has an excellent temprement .and has even been nicknamed " The Princess of Grange" by some of the locals.
The reason HATTIE is such a delight?  yes, I would like to think  we are responsible for how she is but would like to say that is it due to the dedication of Wendy and her team.
HATTIE loves going to Doggy Day Care- and romping around the woods with her friends in Cartmel woods. She is such a happy little dog and I am always assured she is well looked after.
Thank You Wendy - you truly are a star !
I am so happy you were recommended to me and so is HATTIE!
............................................................Hayley and Cliff, Grange over Sands
                                      OSCAR - SINCE 2009
I know I can totally relax on holiday when Oscar is with Wendy.
He has a wonderful time going for walks with the other dogs and the sheep (!) and rounding up the chickens..and generally playing at being the busy body farm yard collie he would really like to be!
The only problem is... he gets a bit bored and fed up when back home and nothing much is happening!
...........................Hilary Scannell, Broughton in Furness
                                                               BRACKEN - SINCE 2010
It was the best day ever when I was introduced to Wendy Senior in 2010 !
Especially so for my dog BRACKEN, he adores her!
I arranged for him to go for weekly walks with her.and what a difference it has made to him! He was able to mix with other dogs and his behaviour much improved as he realised he was not top dog.
Wendy is so helpful, in that she will help out at a moments notice and come and take him for the day if need be.
I have full faith in her as it is obvious the dogs come first, ALWAYS, and she cares for them very much.
Keep up the good work Wendy and long may it continue as you are much more to people than just someone who cares for their dogs .
                                             ....................Dene Wright, Cark in Cartmel.
                                     MARLIE : SINCE 2011
We have used Kennel Maids for TWO YEARS now for our 3 year old flat coated retriever MARLIE. Wendy walks her twice a week . MARLIE absoloutely  loves it!
We used to have a few problems with her jumping up and her not coming back, but since going out with Wendy and the other dogs, she is so much better, she is like a different dog!
Wendy also looked after MARLIE  when we went  on holiday to Spain. MARLIE had a great time and we were able to relax and enjoy our holiday knowing MARLIE was being well looked after. Wendy always treats MARLIE like one of her own and she always makes a fuss of her.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone with a dog. She's Fab!!
.......................................................Aimee and Stuart Taylor, Grange over Sands
DEXTER  :  SINCE 2011 
Hi Wendy,just a quick e mail to thank you for all your hard work with DEXTER.
DEXTER has been going out with Wendy on a weekly basis ,SINCE 2011,
and he absoloutley loves it! He even shakes with excitement when the truck pulls up!
We originally sent  DEXTER to Wendy for SOCIALISATION, which has worked wonders!
He's great now when we are out on walks, and a lot less exciteable when around other dogs. We continue to send him as he has such a good time and is exhausted when he returns from playing with the other dogs.
DEXTER has stayed at Wendy's for occasional overnights, holidays , the last was booked at very short notice and we were so glad Wendy could take him as we would not have wanted him to go anywhere else. We went away knowing he would be cared for as much as he would be at home.
We highly recommend  Kennel Maids , whether for walking or holidays.
They are professional , trustworthy and deeply compassionate towards the animals in their care.
Thanks again Wendy!
........................Love from Gemma and Andrew Kendall (and Dexter!)
                                                                                             Grange over Sands
Wendy and her team have been looking after our dogs now for over TEN YEARS .
Whilst out walking my dogs, I see Wendy ,daily, walking dogs of all shapes and sizes; always caring and conscientious . Dogs are walked and allowed to run free in enclosed paddocks and in the woods, everyday, regardless of the weather!
When I go away for the day or away on holiday, I would trust no one else but Wendy and her team! My dogs are cared for diligently ,with love and affection which puts my mind at ease when i'm out for the day.
.................................................Karen Burrows, Woodbroughton
                                                                           SINCE 2011
When I came to live in Grange with my new mum and dad, I was a bit of a handful!
So mum took me to meet some other dogs who were with a lady called Wendy  .I really liked her 'cos she took us to good places which were very muddy and wet, just great for dogs like me ! 
Wendy put me in my place but was always very kind and my mum liked her too 'cos she said she knew what she was doing !
Now I have got to know another lady Linda and her dog Tweed who we often meet up the fell. I had a shock recently because my mum and dad needed to go away,
So they took me to Linda's house to see if I liked it. IT WAS GREAT !
I got to play with Tweed in their house and garden. Mum said I would be going for a sleepover soon, I couldn't wait. I really like Linda and Tony, they were very kind.
They said they know all about Goldies. They could go away knowing I was happy and safe. I don't want to go where there are lots of dogs , I like it that there was just me and Tweed. I get lots of attention at my house and being at Linda's was the same.
My best holidays are with my mum and dad in our caravan, BUT... my next best is with Linda, Tony and Tweed. They say I can go anytime !
Kennel Maids are the best !
......................................................Dylan ,Grange over Sands.
Our puppy BAILEY has been going to Kennel Maids since he was 5 months old. From day 1 he was one of the pack and becoming a very sociable little puppy.
I have nothing but high praise for Wendy and Becca, who treat all the dogs they look after like their own.
Bailey stayed with Wendy for two weeks in august and made lots of new friends.
We were kept up to date with how he was through Facebook, it was lovely seeing him enjoying himself.
Nothing is too much trouble for Kennel Maids. they are so reliable, professional and trustworthy.
We know that whenever BAILEY is out with them , he is well cared for and he loves the girls as much as they love him! 
Thanks for everything !
...........................Michelle, Steve, & Rachael Allen and of course Bailey! 
" We are really lucky dogs! We have been part of Wendy's
day care pack since 2008 , and we love every minute of it!
When mum and dad come home from work we are flat out on the floor asleep!.
Sometimes we leave cryptic clues to where we have been, like twigs in our hair or a nose full of seed heads.
Wendy takes great care of us and mum and dad never have to worry 'cause they know Wendy really knows her stuff and can handle us - even though we are much bigger than her - we know she's top dog!
One day recently, Inca didn't feel well and didn't want to go out for a walk. Wendy knew something wasn't right and let my mum and dad know, so we got a trip to the vets and they were able to start treatment straight away.
Sometimes when we are out walking with mum and dad we bump into Wendy and the other dogs. Then we have a very difficult choice to make. We love walking with Wendy and we sometimes just want to stay and play with the pack!"
.............Inca & Nanuck (and our mum and dad -Phillipa & Tony Ball), Allithwaite
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